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KC Cottrell Taiwan is an expert with the total solution of your Environmental problem. We provide the state-of-art technology with low running costs, minimal maintenance, high efficiency and industrial utilization of by-products.
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KC Cottrell Taiwan offers complete range of pollution cleaning solutions and services from a single specific item to complete turnkey installations involving design through to plant commissioning and testing followed by a range of plant services.
As increasing regulatory on emission level in near future, KC Cottrell Taiwan together with our strong global networks expertise with know-how and vast experience to produce the most effective emission control solutions.
With years of experience and global networks of the KC group, these advantages enabling KC Cottrell Taiwan provides the full range of total solutions from customers’ perspective in reaching anti-pollution on the environmental sector and keeping a better environment for our next generations.

Product Focus

GSA (Gas Suspension Absorber) Technology
Product Focus Product Focus Product Focus
KC Cottrell can offer wide range of Flue Gas Desulphurization technologies from wet FGD to semi-dry and dry scrubber technologies which can cover large scale utility boilers to medium and smallsize industrial boilers, sintering plants, glass furnaces, biomass boilers and incinerators etc.

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